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RaspMatic + HomeMatic (IP)

Some time ago I bought a Raspberry Pi 3B with the RPI-RF-MOD extension module and the corresponding case. It’s also possible to buy all in a set: Buy link (I am not affiliated). There is an image available that works like a charm for this setup, whcih can be found here. Multiple models are supported, so make sure you download the correct release.

I am very happy with this setup. HomeMatic provides a multitude of different devices ranging from simple sensors (temperature, light, …) to quite sophisticated weather stations. There are also actuators available for heating control, blinds/shutters to alarm sirens. What is even more interetting is that general relays and comunication modules are available, so you can also build your own smart home devices!

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First Installation of OpenHAB2 and Homematic CCU2

OpenHAB supports a lot of different “bindings”, i.e., Hardware and Protocol solutions implemented by different companies. I started my home automation project with the Homematic binding. There are two tutorials I follow (german only):

  1. Setup of Homematic binding in OpenHAB2
  2. Implement a heating control

The first one was really easy to follow and worked straight away. I had to restart the OpenHAB service, though, which wasn’t mentioned in the documentation.

For the second tutorial I ordered the window sensor and the heating control as mentioned in the tutorial. They haven’t arrived yet, so I will post again when they arrive.

Home automation

I am currently looking into openHAB for a possible solution for our home automation. I do have an unused laptop that could easily be used for this.

What I would like to have control over:

  • room temperature
  • shutters
  • some lights
  • smoke detectors

There are different devices manufactured by different companies for each of the above. So its a question of finding the best hardware.

All of this needs to be accessible via an app on my phone.

  • notifications for alarms (smoke detectors)
  • control stuff

Seems like all of the above is provided by openHAB combined with a VPN solution, which is great!

Updates on the selected hardware and the integration will be given here in the future, stay tuned!